Gorilla Rolls

Sunbutter and bananas wrapped in collard greens.

Sunbutter and bananas wrapped in collard greens.

This is absolutely one of my favorite recipes. The sweet bananas, the nutty sunbutter (like peanut butter but made from sunflower seeds), and the hearty collards combine to make an easy and tasty breakfast or just a grab-n-go snack anytime. They hold up really well so feel free to pack these guys up for a picnic or anytime treat! 

the recipe: (makes 1 roll)

2 collard leaf greens

1 tablespoon sunbutter

1/3 banana sliced

the plan: 

Wash, dry and remove hard vein (remove only the very hard vein from the bottom half, cutting a V shape) from collard green leaves. Lay the 2 collard greens on top of each other. Place sunbutter in center of top leaf. Lay sliced bananas atop the sunbutter. Starting at the end of the leaves that have been split by de-veining, start to roll up to the tip of the collard greens leaves. That's it! Enjoy!