Daikon Radish "Scallops"

Lightly braised daikon radish and a coconut amino wasabi dipping sauce 

Lightly braised daikon radish and a coconut amino wasabi dipping sauce 

These beautiful faux "scallops" are not only a pretty party trick but incredibly tasty. Simply braised daikon radish coins are cooked to tenderness and then lightly seared to get a beautiful bronzed finish. The dipping sauce is a simple mixture of coconut aminos and organic wasabi powder. You can also choose to use a gluten-free tamari or alternatively try them with a peanut or ginger dressing. I've them all and they ALL make a tasty combo!

the recipe: (makes 8 "scallops")

1 long daikon root (tip: try picking one that is pretty straight and symmetrical to achieve the perfect scallop shape)

Coconut Oil (for searing) 

1/3 cup coconut aminos or gluten-free tamari (the latter if you are okay with Soy)

Organic Wasabi Powder (1/4 teaspoon + to taste)

the plan: 

Peel, wash and dry your daikon root. Slice the root into approximately 3/4 inch thick coins or "scallops." Place them in a skillet and barely cover with water. You can salt the water if you would like a more briny flavor. Cook the daikon in a low simmer bath for about 15 minutes. You can experiment with how you like them cooked - less cooked with a bite or cooked longer and softer. I like them both ways. When they are cooked to your likeness, drain and place on paper towel. Heat a little coconut oil in your pan and "sear" your daikon on one side until golden in color. Meanwhile, mix up your dipping sauce of choice. If you are using the coconut aminos, just mixed in the wasabi powder until you get the taste you like. Easy Peasy! Hope you enjoy!