farmerbrowne's organic seed crackers


Farmerbrowne’s Organic Seed Crackers are the result of one very tenacious health nut’s efforts to create a flavorful, crunchy cracker that was free of any grains, gluten or animal products. Farmerbrowne’s Organic Seed Crackers are made from a blend of organic, and whenever possible, locally sourced seeds. Our signature blend includes Quinoa (yes, it IS a seed), Flax, Hemp, White and Black Sesame, Sunflower and Pumpkin seeds. A dash of Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil and premium Organic Grade B Maple Syrup give our crackers a salty-sweet flavor that is highly addictive! Many of our happy customers compare them to healthy potato chips! Because none of our ingredients are perishable, our crackers have a long-shelf life. However, due to the delicate nature of all the healthy oils in our crackers, we recommend that our customers enjoy them within the first month of purchase or indefinitely when refrigerated. We hope you enjoy our wonderful crackers and share our labor of love and health. Live Well. Be Happy.  –The Browne Family


Bay Area: You can now find us through Luke's Local ( Look for us under "kitchen staples." You can also find us at Rainbow Grocery beginning July 4th! Look for us near the cheese shop. And coming soon, Farmerbrowne's on Good Eggs.  

Direct Sales: If you wish to buy farmerbrowne's organic seed crackers, please contact for direct purchase or to learn where you can find us.  

Retailers: Please contact is you wish to receive a copy of our wholesale linesheet for this product.  

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