Season for Change

As long summer days wind down and crisp fall air gently glides in, so do many changes. Summer fun and vacations come to an end and new beginnings at school and home usually take shape. A different batch of fall crops start to reach their harvest time and the days grow shorter. Football and our favorite (and new) television shows return and excitement begins for the upcoming holiday season.

In my case, the change this fall comes in the form of the desert. Yes, the DESERT! My hubby and I made the jump from San Francisco to Phoenix (mmm hmmm, Arizona) about a week ago. Not really the change we anticipated this fall but a wonderful change never the less. It wasn't per se our plan to move to what we have playfully been calling "Mars" but Scott was offered a wonderful opportunity with an amazing group of folks and so here we are. We packed our car (and our cat) and away we went. 

Yes, it is hot. HOT hot! But we continue to hear that we arrived at a good time and that the fall will surely deliver some cooler air we so desperately miss. And yes, it IS a "dry heat." But dry or not, it is still hot. My favorite line from this move came from Scott on our first morning here. At 8:00 am we were walking to find some breakfast and I heard a faint grunt. I looked over at him, head up to the sky...eyes closed...and arms extended out like he couldn't possibly have parts of his body touching each other. I laughed and emphasized, "it's a DRY heat." Without missing a beat he replied, "Tell my armpits that!" HA! It was a beautiful moment.

Speaking of beautiful moments. I have quickly discovered that the desert is not all that bad and despite being in the middle of nowhere, in the heat...there are some amazingly beautiful things to see here. The sunsets for one. Incredible. Coming from San Francisco, we thought there would be no way at all be could possibly find any beauty here. Boy were we wrong!


There is something so quiet and peaceful here that it is hard to explain. I feel as though I can really breathe. Maybe it is the open space, maybe it is the dramatic mountain scapes, maybe it is the wide open parking lots that allow you drive right up to your intended destination and park your car (gasp!)...but whatever it is, I like it.

There is a super healthy vibe about people here and you can tell they really do care about their health, the food they are putting into their bodies and their overall lifestyle. I have a feeling I can learn a lot from being here at this time in my life. And I can learn a lot from these people. I guess it is all about embracing change all allowing yourself to learn and grow.

We are so excited to explore this part of the country and dig into the local culture and community. First few stops will include Sedona and wine country! Yes, they have wine country here. Leave it to us to find wine country any place we go ;-)

I plan to continue my Farmerbrowne journey and hope you will continue to follow along with me! Welcome to Mars! =)