Look up any definition of the word happiness and it will tell you that it is a state of well being and contentment. If it is a state, that means our mind is in control and if our mind is  in control, each and every one of us has the power to harness the power to in fact...be happy. One way to get yourself on the path to happiness is to live well and be well. One surefire way to fuel a happy and healthy mind and body is to bring more mindfulness and awareness to your life. An easy place to start is with your diet. What you put in your body (and on your body) has a very real and lasting effect on you and your health. The foods we eat can either heal or harm. Give energy or drain energy. Prevent disease, treat disease or even cause disease. The first step then is to make the connection between good and bad, good health and bad health. The second step it to make a personal commitment to choose those things that are good for you. Even a simple change such as two extra glasses of water or eating an apple every day can dramatically change your life for the better. If you are in good health, great...you can continue to work to achieve even better health. If you are not, this is the perfect time to take control and make some changes to improve your health and lifestyle. I hope you enjoy the information that I plan to post on this blog and take from it those things that will better your health, life and happiness.