hi, my name is may browne and i make crazy good crackers. 


My entire life, whole foods and their nutritive value have been an integral part of my life. I grew up in a home where specific foods and herbs were consumed or abstained from based solely on their nutritive value in order to maintain optimal health or in some cases to prevent or treat various ailments.  This model of conscious eating was just something that I was lucky enough to learn from my parents and have continued to practice as an adult.  I have never known another way to think about food.

As an adult, I have learned that not everyone thinks of food the same way. Foods are often time eaten for pleasure, sustenance or just sheer convenience. Food is so much more than that. And all foods are not created equal. The right foods, from the right sources, prepared in the right manner can provide our bodies and minds with everything it needs to function the right way. My health philosophy is a simple one. We are natural beings and we require those things that nature provides to us. 

So please enjoy this labor of love and discover the perfect marriage between healthy food and flavor! 

photo above by DJ Edades

photo above by DJ Edades